About us

Fourth Industrial Revolution a.k.a Industry 4.0 has set new trend where digital technologies interconnect with IT infrastructure in order to optimize financial transactions and non-financial aspects of business activity.

It also uses the concept of Internet of Things  (IoT). According to this concept there is a close interaction between the men and the things that are capable of generating data on their own and sending it via Internet, on the basis of which data processes involving the things can be optimised by the men

Both concepts use the assumption that the real world is unified with the virtual world of the Internet and information technology, and that the said unification relates to the majority of businesses carried out by the company, enterprise or service providing entity. 


As a result growing amount of data is collected and analysed, and consequently each business can be conducted in more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Implementation of modern solutions, smart strategic management, improved business efficiency, reduced operational costs, more efficient use of labour. The aforementioned and other assumptions constitute common requirements of the current market; however, they are a huge challenge for modern companies.

As we have been aware of the potential and possibilities of RFID technology, in 2017 we launched research in order to implement it in our products. As a result we have developed TECHCODE RFID furniture i.e. next generation, smart cabinets.



Please make yourself familiar with RFID TECHCODE cabinets offered by Techmark


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