Research aim

1. Development of reliable solutions in terms of implementing RFID technology in metal furniture

Metal cabinet interior is some sort of technological hindrance to RFID UHF technology. Properties of metal material affect electromagnetic waves interferences, cause their modification, disturbance and reciprocal suppression.

These problems are currently solved by means of multichannel readers, large number of antennas, as well as requirement to verify reading efficiency relating to the tags placed on different items.

Other limitations pertain to:

– possibility to read large number of tags
– waves propagation outside the cabinet, which caused faulty readings.

Research carried out by Techmark aims to overcome these obstacles and to develop new, more efficient reading process in case of a larger number of tags, as well as to optimise production of such products both as it comes to materials used and the production costs, which consequently affects the price.

2. Development of metal furniture with new utility fuctions complying with the internet of things (IOT)

Thanks to implementing RFID technology within the metal space and improving its operation, the cabinets will comply with the Internet of Things concept, which assumes that things must serve the human needs and improve man’s activities.

RFID technology is useful in modernising a number of processes related with assets management, which is why it has started to be widely used in public and private sector.

Metal cabinets with innovative RFID solutions will be another link in a set of tools used by a man to optimize organisational processes in companies and enterprises.

3. Cabinets production with limited material and energy consumtpion in line with the sustainable development principle

The project assumes reduced material consumption (by limited the amount of materials used during the production) and energy consumption (thanks to improved reading efficiency with simultaneous reduction in the number of antennas).