Own solutions

Our products provided with RFID UHF technology have been developed as a result of research and development projects conducted by our company. Thanks to the works in question numerous technological problems have been solved, and the characteristics of the resulting product are unique on the market.


In particular we have managed to:

  • reduce propagation of radio waves into the cabinet’s interior - as a result the system is resistant to faulty operation resulting from the fact, that tags located outside the cabinet used to be read and classified as the cabinet’s content
  • improve reading parameters (efficiency) in case of a larger number of tags
  • create universal storing space - modified purpose of the cabinet, different number of shelves or the type of stored items (e.g. switching from tools to file binders) does not influence the reading quality

During the tests it has been confirmed, that our products are equally efficient when several dozens or several hundred of tags must be identified. Therefore our cabinets provide reliable and complete information that facilitate optimisation of the operation process, where the cabinets are used. Improved reading efficiency came along with the reduced energy consumption of the products and reduced material consumption related with the RFID equipment, all of which contributed to the sustainable development.


We have applied for the protection of our intellectual property rights, either in the form of patent application or numerous utility models, with regard to the key solutions critical for achieving the above mentioned characteristics. Given that our products have high technical potential and provide unique solutions.


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