Registration of events and proccesses optimization in the techcode rfid cabinets with s.3 system


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I. Key terminology

S.3 System (S)

S.3 system is understood as all elements required to provide correct operation of the TECHCODE RFID cabinet with registration functionality and to perform all functions available in the System applied in the cabinet.


TECHCODE RFID cabinet is the central element of the S.3 System, as it integrates all elements of the System. Other elements forming the System include among others: readers, controllers, antennas, applications, software, etc.

TECHCODE RFID cabinet with registration functionality

TECHCODE RFID cabinet with registration functionality using the S.3 System allows to:

- tag any item, assign any identification characteristics to the item (e.g. a name, service date or expiry, etc.)

- automatically register and permanently monitor tagged Resources

- remotely manage the cabinets and the System by the Administrator, as well as to provide real time access to all data 24/7 all year round

- optimise processes connected with the resources management, thanks to collected data that is used in analyses and integrated reporting. TECHCODE RFID cabinet must be managed by the System Administrator.

System administrator (A)

Administrator is understood as the User, who has been granted authorisations to manage the System or TECHCODE RFID cabinets.

Administrator’s duties include entering certain data in the System (e.g. Users data, data concerning the Resources), granting authorisations to particular Users and providing current administration of the TECHCODE RFID cabinets (e.g. monitoring and collecting information on the resources stock, undertaking actions based on that data, data exporting, etc.)    

System user (U)

A User, whom the Administrator entered in the S.3 System database. This is the S.3 System Administrator, who decides each time:

1. how a User is to be defined i.e. entered in the database e.g. by providing the User’s personal data (e.g. name and surname), or by providing other data that identify the User e.g. serial number of the User, post, name of department, etc.

2. what type of roles (the cabinet’s User or the Zasobnik software’s User) and authorisations (e.g. unlimited / temporary use of the cabinets or use of Zasobnik software) are to be granted to the User.

User’s identification

Users, who have completed identification and access authorisation process, can access the TECHCODE RFID cabinet. User’s identification in the S.3 System can be performed using different types of proximity cards, or access data (login and password) provided to the User by the Administrator. Readers applied in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet can read the following identifiers:

- Unique 125kHz,

- Mifare 13,56 MHz

- HID Crescendo iClass SE.


TECHCODE RFID cabinet with registration functionality can store any items that can be tagged e.g. documents, tools, power tools and other small electronic devices, medicines, safe deposit boxes with valuables, etc. Depending on the type of deposited Resources , the cabinet can be provided with additional compartments, shelves, hooks, etc. 

Tagging of the resources by the system administrator

Tagging of a Resource consists in marking it with a special tag (e.g. by placing a RFID tag in a form of a sticker, or by attaching it otherwise). The Administrator assigns in the System (using Zasobnik software) different characteristics to each tag e.g. a name, SKU, deposition in a particular cabinet, belonging of a particular person, etc. This data is entered in order to guarantee easy identification and use of the Resources by the User, and trouble-free Resources management by the Administrator (e.g. expiry date, service date, etc.). When the Resource is deposited in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet for the first time, the System starts registration of all events that occur in relation to that Resource (collections, returns, reported information).  

II. Main functionalities of the S.3 SYSTEM 

Scanning and identification of the resources

TECHCODE RFID cabinet is provided with special equipment to automatically read all tags with which Resources stored in the cabinet are marked, with no need to engage a man in this action.

Each closing of the TECHCODE RFID cabinet causes:

- automatic scanning of its content

- displaying of the scanning results on the cabinet’s screen.  

Before the scanning results are saved in the System, the User (by means of a screen) can enter his comment e.g. concerning the Resource’s wear and tear, etc.


Registration of events

All actions performed by the User with or without the Resource (e.g. attempts to log in, opening of the doors, collecting and returning items) are:

- automatically registered by the cabinet

- registered in the System

- assigned to the User who was last authorised by the System.


Automation and processes optimization

After logging to the Zasobnik Software by means of any device, the Administrator of the S.3 System has real time access to all data collected by the cabinet.

Based on this data, the Administrator can optimise processes related with the management of tagged items e.g. can plan future supply of the Resources, order maintenance and repair of broken items, monitor deficiencies, etc.


S.3 SYSTEM operation scheme

III. Using the cabinet by the users

The Users operate the cabinet by means of integrated touch screen. Using the touch screen the User can also:

- review the list of Resources currently available in a given cabinet or review a list of all products stored in the System

- search the Resource using the browser and determine its location (the cabinet it is stored in or who and when collected the item)

- add a comment e.g. concerning the item’s wear and tear, required repair, etc.

- select an item from a list and assign certain status to it (after collecting the item or on its return) e.g. broken, repaired, expired Resource (NEW in April 2021)


IV. Managing the S.3 SYSTEM by the administrator

Management is performed though a dedicated management software Zasobnik (web application) with which the Application integrated in the cabinet establishes encrypted communication using LAN (Ethernet or Wi-Fi).

It is possible to log in the Zasobnik software remotely (remote management) using any device that has Internet access and can use the web browser.  An account in the Zasobnik software is protected by means of login and password.

S.3 System can be managed by a few Administrators, to whom different roles and authorisations can be assigned.


V. Database

Database stored on the local or virtual server. To use all functionalities of the software and have online access to the Administrator’s panel / Zasobnik software, it is recommended to install it on a virtual server.


Author’s solutions and integration with other systems are also possible (each project is subject to individual analysis and pricing).

VI. Additional information

TECHCODE RFID cabinets with System S.3 meet the requirements for safe storage of public documents * and other media containing personal data, as well as other items that require constant supervision (e.g. keys).


* the Act on Public Documents (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 53 as amended)

* GDPR, i.e. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on data protection)


It is possible to introduce proprietary solutions and integration with other systems (analysis and individual valuation for each project).


The solutions related to reading RFID tags used in TECHCODE RFID cabinets in System S.3 have been submitted by Techmark and registered as a patent in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under the number P. 422041.