Introduction to the access control in the s.4 system applied in the techcode rfid multi-compartment cabinets of parcel cabinet type

I. Definitions

S.4 System (S)

S.4 system is understood as all elements required to provide correct operation of the TECHCODE- RFID parcel cabinet and to perform all functions available in the System applied in the cabinet.

TECHCODE RFID cabinet i.e. a parcel cabinet is the central element of the S.4 system, as it integrates the remaining elements of the System. Other elements forming the System include among others: readers, controllers, expanders, applications, software, etc.

TECHCODE RFID parcel cabinet

TECHCODE RFID parcel cabinet using the S.4 System allows to:

- use the compartments in turns within a single company, by both defined and non-defined Users, with no need to assigns compartments to particular Users on a regular basis.

- automate processes related with circulation of different resources in a company (e.g. documents, tools, laptops, other items, parcels).

TECHCODE RFID cabinet must be managed by the System Administrator.

System administrator (A)

Administrator is understood as a defined User, who has been granted authorisations to manage the System or TECHCODE RFID cabinets.

Administrator’s duties include entering certain data in the System (e.g. Users data), granting authorisations to particular Users and providing current administration of the TECHCODE RFID cabinets (e.g. remote opening and vacating booked compartments, taking information about malfunctions, etc.).    


Defined user (U)

A User entered in the System database by the Administrator. Each time the Administrator decides, how a User is to be defined i.e. entered in the database:

1. by providing the User’s personal data (e.g. name and surname), or

2. by providing other data that identify the User e.g. serial number of the User, post, name of department, room number, etc. 

Non-defined user (XY)

This is a User, who uses TECHCODE RFID cabinets, but was not earlier defined i.e. entered in the System by the Administrator.


He can use the parcel cabinet by means of a one-off login assigned to him by some other, defined User and a one-off PIN code assigned by the S.4 System.

II. Access control and automation of processes

III. Managing the s.4 SYSTEM by the administrator

Management is performed though a dedicated management software Zasobnik (web application) with which the Application integrated in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet establishes encrypted communication using LAN (Ethernet or Wi-Fi).

It is possible to log in the Zasobnik software remotely, using any device that has Internet access and can use the web browser.  An account in the Zasobnik software is protected by means of login and password.

IV. Using the parcel cabinet by the users 

Defined Users can operate the parcel cabinet by means of the TECHCODE MOBILE Application, to which the Administrator grants access code. Each defined User has full access to all functionalities of the parcel cabinet.
Application is an integrated part of the S.4 System, and may be used on all types of mobile devices provided with Android and iOS.

Non-defined Users can operate the parcel cabinet by means of a touch screen in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet using login assigned to them by the defined User and a one-off PIN code generated by the System.

V. Database

Database is stored on a virtual server.

VI. Operation schemes of the TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinets of parcel cabinet type

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