Techcode rfid file cabinets

TECHCODE RFID file cabinets are designed for safe storage and controlled access to documents, registers, exhibits, maps, drawings, sketches, and other types of materials that can be stored in the drawers. 

TECHCODE RFID file cabinets can be manufactured in all sizes and any drawers’ configurations. They are used in the museums, record offices, design and architects’ studios, theatres, art galleries, jewellery showrooms, but also in the offices and companies.


The System applied in the TECHCODE RFID file cabinet provide possibility to grant access to a given compartment to particular Users (groups of Users), also allowing for the fixed schedules. The Administrator can remotely grant or block access to a given drawer.


When the access is authorised by the System with RFID technology applied in the cabinet, the drawer opens by unblocking the electronic lock.


TECHCODE RFID file cabinet registers all events (attempts to log in, or to open a drawer, etc.) thanks to which information on who opened which drawer and when it happened is available if needed. 

User-friendly operation, remote management, permanent control and access to data registered by the cabinet, make only some of the TECHCODE RFID cabinets’ advantages.

Learn some other advantages your company can gain using the TECHCODE RFID file cabinet:


TECHCODE RFID file cabinet can be operated in one System.

Access control and registration of events

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