Techcode rfid lockers for dirty clothes

TECHCODE RFID lockers for dirty clothes with a drop box. They are used for storing all types of used Resources (e.g. safety aprons and other clothing, protective gloves, shoes, table clothes, towels, carpets, containers, etc.) that need to be washed, exchanged, replenished, repaired or disposed of.

Most often lockers for dirty clothes are used by outsourcing companies (e.g. laundries), providers of maintenance services, suppliers of PPE and other equipment. They are used in the production plants, hotels, restaurants, banks, airports, health facilities, as well as other types of companies to control and supervise circulation of the Resources.


Depending on the System with which TECHCODE RFID cabinet is provided, it can be equipped with mechanisms to:

- control and authorise access to the drop box, which in turn guarantees efficient selection of the Resources to be dropped into the cabinet.  When the access is authorised by the System with RFID technology applied in the cabinet, the drop box opens by unblocking the electronic lock. 

- read the RFID tags, with which items dropped in the cabinet are tagged, and to automatically register information concerning the Resources dropped into the cabinet (like who and when dropped which Resource).


Registration of used Resources being returned:

- is the last stage in which circulation of the Resources is controlled,

- improves supply planning in relation to new Resources,

- simplifies collection of used resources and their exchange into new ones,

- provides reliable, error-free data used to settle accounts with the companies providing services related with used Resources.


Data collected by the System are used to draw up reliable reports (e.g. analysing wear coefficient, Resources exchange frequency) and to improve Resources management processes (e.g. optimization of the Resources stock and reduction of costs).

These cabinets can be operated in a single System along with other types of TECHCODE RFID cabinets (e.g. multi-compartment cabinets used to circulate clean clothing), which proves to be a very helpful tool to collect information and manage processes aimed at providing e.g. workwear for the employees.


Software applied in the TECHCODE RFID cabinets can be integrated with other systems

used in the company, which improves control and optimisation of business processes, such as financial settlements between the companies.


User-friendly operation, remote management, permanent control and access to data registered by the cabinet, make only some of the TECHCODE RFID cabinets’ advantages.

Learn some other advantages your company can gain using the TECHCODE RFID locker for dirty clothes:


TECHCODE RFID lockers for dirty clothes can be operated in three Systems. Depending on the System selected for a cabinet, its functionalities are different:

Easy control over the drop box access

Assigning personalised authorisations and creating groups of Users

A few operation schemes, plenty of options

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