Techcode rfid office and tool cabinets

TECHCODE RFID office and tool cabinets are distinguished by considerable spaciousness. The cabinets provide simultaneous storing of items of different sizes and purposes (such as documents, tools and power tools, electronic units, medicines, and so on) placed in different storing arrangements. Thanks to their universal character the cabinets can be used as quasi-storerooms. 

When the access is authorised by the System with RFID technology applied in the cabinet, the cabinet’s door opens by unblocking the electronic lock. 


Depending on the System with which TECHCODE RFID cabinet is provided, apart from access control it can have a lot of other functions e.g. registration of actions performed in relation to the Resources registered in the System. Consequently it provides:

- automation of many processes, that used to be performed by a man (e.g. registering of collections and returns, keeping registers of wear and tear, period for which the Resource was used, etc.),

- elimination of man-made mistakes,

- complete, real-time control over all aspects connected with the Resources,

- simple circulation of the Resources and increased productivity as the Resource can be found and localised more quickly, 

- improved organisation of the Resources management processes (e.g. supply planning, maintenance/repair scheduling).

Watch the video in which we present our innovative product, Smart TECHCODE RFID Cabinets in S.3. More than just cabinets.




Based on data registered and collected by the TECHCODE RFID cabinet, it is possible to generate sheets and reports used in analyses.

User-friendly operation, remote management, permanent control and access to data registered by the cabinet, make only some of the cabinets' advantages.


Learn some other advantages your company can gain using the TECHCODE RFID office and tool cabinets:


TECHCODE RFID office and tool cabinets can be operated in two Systems.

Access control and registration of events

Access control, tags reading and registration of events

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