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Implementation of RFID systems provides plenty of advantages. This is why RFID technology has become more and more present in our daily lives. Development of RFID technologies in the enterprises is fostered by numerous trends in business environment, such as:

- spread of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 concepts,

- aiming to coordinate and plan actions faster and in a more efficient way (e.g. purchase, production or logistics processes),

- finding new ways to achieve more efficient management and working results. 

New furniture group

We are a Polish manufacturer of metal furniture who was one of the first in Poland to introduce intelligent cabinets which are a response to dynamic changes in market needs. We have implemented RFID technology into many types of our metal cabinets. This is how we created a new group of intelligent TECHCODE RFID furniture which we are constantly developing by adding new models and functionalities.


New features of furniture


Thanks to the implementation of RFID technology in furniture, our TECHCODE RFID cabinets have gained completely new features, corresponding to the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). They have become another link in the chain of human-used tools aimed at optimizing organizational processes in companies or enterprises.

Advantages of TECHCODE RFID furniture

RFID as a response to the ever-changing market needs


Starting from the beginning of 2020 we have noticed a growing interest in our TECHCODE RFID furniture and the advantages they may bring to the companies. The global situation caused by Covid-19 pandemics contributed beyond doubt to this trend.

More and more companies and enterprises have chosen to implement omnichannel business strategy, which makes it possible to reach the Customer at any time and place. Using the compartment cabinets to provide access to the products and finalize the purchase transaction has become a commonplace in a number of countries worldwide.

As the share of remote work increases, the companies need to implement the solutions allowing them to carry out internal transfer of different assets in a safe manner. In response to this demand we have developed multi-compartment TECHCODE RFID parcel cabinets. Their main aim is to provide non-contact transfer of assets such as documents, mail and other parcels, laptops, tools, clothing and PPE, etc. available 24/7.

Research and development

Multi-purpose intelligent TECHCODE RFID CABINETS for special tasks

Depending on the needs, TECHCODE RFID function cabinets can be used for many purposes. They can become, for example:

- a tool enabling faster and more effective coordination and planning of activities in the company (e.g. purchasing, production and logistics processes)

- a link helpful in achieving more efficient management and work effects

- a new sales channel that allows reaching the Customer or Service Recipient, regardless of the situation on the market during the pandemic.

These are just some of the possible applications of our TECHCODE RFID cabinets.



We have a highly-advanced production plant, so that we are able to react to the ever-changing market needs and to offer exactly such products, as our Customers need. Solutions implemented in our TECHCODE RFID cabinets are versatile. Each customer can configure the furniture so that it can correspond to their functional and individual requirements as much as possible.





Responding to the growing needs of our clients, we continue to pursue new ideas and implement new solutions to expand the possibilities of using RFID technology in our TECHCODE RFID furniture. This is what we are expected by the customers who have already found out about the advantages of our cabinets.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our TECHCODE RFID cabinets.

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