TECHCODE RFID systems provide security and support process automation in organizations.



Below you will find detailed information about the individual Systems used in TECHCODE RFID cabinets.



Simplicity and safety.

The S.1 system provides effective protection for important documents and assets with minimal administration. One identification card is assigned to one compartment, and card encoding takes place directly via the cabinet.

The system operates autonomously and does not require a connection to the customer's network infrastructure.

The system supports cabinets of up to 30 lockers with the option of multiplication.

which systems

cabinets operate in

TECHCODE RFID cabinets can work in a variety of systems, depending on your needs and preferences. They can be integrated with warehouse management systems, monitoring systems, as well as other access control systems.

Depending on the chosen system, they can be administered locally or remotely, and can be integrated with other IT solutions in the company.

TECHCODE RFID smart cabinets - the best solution for your organization.
TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinets
Multi-compartment cabinets

These cabinets are also known as the following cabinets:

  • Deposit
  • Breakfast
  • Clean clothing
TECHCODE RFID office and tool cabinets
Office and tool cabinets

The cabinets allow storage of documents and other resources such as workshop tools.

TECHCODE RFID clothing lockers
Clothing lockers

Lockers are used to store clothes and other items in staff changing rooms, hotels, hospitals and sports facilities.

TECHCODE RFID Drop-box cabinets
Drop-box cabinets

They are used to collect and record used resources, e.g. work clothes, towels, etc.

TECHCODE RFID Key cabinets
Key cabinets

Cabinets for depositing keys and documents are usually equipment for car service and rental companies or hotels.

TECHCODE RFID file cabinets
File cabinets

They serve to securely store all types of documents (office, accounting, personal, etc.) in standardised formats.

TECHCODE RFID smart cabinets fit any interior.
TECHCODE RFID office and tool cabinets are used where the highest security matters.
most significant differences between
systems in TECHCODE
RFID cabinets

Each TECHCODE RFID cabinet is the main element of the System controlling its operation. The choice of the System to be used in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet is crucial, as it is responsible for the functionalities a given cabinet will have and the tasks it will perform. The basic differences between individual Systems come down to:

Methods of identification

of system users
and authorisation of access

i.e. the methods by which the System will authorise access to the cabinet/compartment/drawer, e.g. via ID cards, PIN, etc.

Types of authorisations

which individual
users may have

i.e. the possibility of granting individual rights to users, e.g. to use a group of compartments, to send mail, to open all compartments, etc.

Ways of use

of cabinets by users

i.e. how users will be able to use TECHCODE RFID cabinets, e.g. via a reader, a touchscreen in the cabinet or an app on a phone


and cabinet operating modes

i.e. what operations the cabinet will be able to carry out within a given System and in a given mode, such as the ability to identify stored items marked with RFID tags.


of the system

that is, what functions can be configured within a particular System, e.g., assigning specific rights to Users, keeping records of events, defining statuses for objects (e.g., failure) and sending notifications by the System to Users.

Additional elements

to use

i.e. the possibility of using specific elements of enclosure equipment, e.g. types of card readers, tag reading antennas, etc.

Methods of management

of cabinets and the system by the administrator

i.e. how the Administrator can manage the TECHCODE RFID cabinet and the System under which it operates, e.g. local or remote cabinet management

TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinets provide secure storage and advanced management features.
TECHCODE RFID key cabinets provide the ultimate in security.
which system to choose?
RFID cabinet

The decision to choose a System is best made on the basis of the main assumptions and functionalities to be performed by a given TECHCODE RFID cabinet. Below you will read about some of them.

Use of the cabinet once access authorisations have been granted

An administrator or other system user assigns other users the rights to use the TECHCODE RFID cabinet.

The TECHCODE RFID cabinet can be used by Users without the need for participation by the Administrator or any other User.

The system allows the TECHCODE RFID cabinet to be used occasionally, without the need for the Administrator to assign permanent access to it

The Administrator may assign the User permanent access to a cabinet/compartment so that they can use it at any time.

The Administrator may create and use a database of Users and/or Resources.

The TECHCODE RFID cabinet keeps an automatic log of Events and the Administrator receives alerts and notifications about them

The TECHCODE RFID cabinet identifies assets tagged with special tags and the System collects information about events involving them.

With the TECHCODE RFID cabinet, users can transmit information about resources, e.g. resource worn out, requires repair, etc.