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RFID technology is becoming more and more widely used in our daily lives and companies, due to the numerous benefits and trends of the macro environment, e.g:

  • popularising the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industry 4.0 concept
  • seeking faster and more efficient coordination or planning of activities in the company, purchasing, production, logistics processes
  • seeking ways to achieve increasingly efficient management and working results
years of research and testing
in the use of RFID technology in our cabinets
invention applications
including one already patented
utility model applications
of our proprietary solutions



  • introduce innovative ways of optimising business processes to ensure competitive advantage
  • provide a safe and automatically controlled circulation of resources, for example in the case of shift work.
  • enable the automation of many tasks previously performed in the traditional manner.
  • are used to automate numerous processes in various areas of life.
TECHCODE RFID - smart cabinet systems

Automatic registration, collection of data

TECHCODE RFID cabinets enable the creation of information management systems. They can record data on various events, depending on the system installed therein.

  • enable the comprehensive development of organisation-wide information management systems;
  • record information on various events;
  • automate processes to ensure the collection of reliable data, free from human error;
  • provide information on, among other things, the circulation of resources, contributing to a reduction in the company's operating costs.

i.e. access control

TECHCODE RFID cabinets enable secure access via codes and contactless cards. They offer various options for managing permissions and event records, as well as a range of alternative access management methods.

  • provide increased security of access, thanks to their robust construction.
  • have restricted access only to users who have access codes or encoded contactless cards (e.g. Unique, Mifare);
  • provide a variety of options for managing user permissions and recording events from codes and access cards;
  • allow new methods of access management to be used, such as authorising instructions via a generated QR code.

Optimising company processes

TECHCODE RFID cabinets allow the implementation of a stock monitoring system, the creation of a product allocation system and facilitate the improvement of stock management processes.

  • can become a tool for optimising various organisational processes within companies or enterprises;
  • enable, for example, the implementation of an integrated system for monitoring stock levels, resources supplied and received by external parties (e.g. outsourcing companies), or the creation of a product allocation system;
  • reduce costs related to resource use by improving inventory turnover and minimizing losses due to damage or loss.
TECHCODE RFID smart office and tool cabinets prove themselves in the most demanding applications.


Our company is a manufacturer of metal furniture with over 30 years of experience. We are pioneers in introducing cabinets equipped with advanced RFID technology to the market. This intelligent furniture constitutes the TECHCODE RFID collection, which we are constantly developing, adding new models and features to meet the dynamic demands of the market.

TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinets provide secure storage and advanced management features.