Advantages of techcode rfid furniture

Security means access control


Increased access’ security is not only due to the steel structure of our furniture. Access to all our TECHCODE RFID cabinets is limited to authorized users who have access codes or encoded proximity cards (e.g. Unique, Mifare). Depending on the product version, there are various options for managing user rights and registering events, carried out with the use of these cards.

In our TECHCODE RFID cabinets, we can also use other access management methods, e.g. fingerprint readers or access authorization using a generated QR code.

Automatic registration,
i.e. Collection of certain data

Our TECHCODE RFID cabinets enable the creation of organization-wide systems for managing information. Depending on the operating system that manages TECHCODE RFID cabinet, it can record information about various events.

The type of System installed in TECHCODE RFID cabinet determines which events and information are to be registered. Process automation guarantees the collection of reliable, foolproof data, free of human error. Information provided thanks to our cabinets, including resource circulation, contributes to reducing the company's operating costs.

Process optimization
within the company

Our TECHCODE RFID products can become a tool by means of which various organizational processes are optimized within companies or enterprises.

TECHCODE RFID S.3 cabinets enable e.g. the implementation of an integrated system for monitoring inventory levels, resources supplied and collected by external entities (e.g. outsourcing companies), or the creation of a product allocation system. This simplifies the improvement of resource management processes.

patented solutions

The high level of innovation of our furniture is evidenced not only by the implementation of RFID technology in them, but also by the development of proprietary solutions, submitted for protection as inventions, as well as utility models and designs protected by the law.

Competitive advantage

TECHCODE RFID cabinets are used to automate numerous processes in various areas of social life and economy - in industry, trade, science, public administration, medicine and many other fields. They enable convenient access unlimited in time and synchronization of the physical flow of documents, assets and other resources, both between plants, companies and people. They ensure safe and automatically controlled turnover of resources in case of shift work.

They also facilitate the distribution of goods or services to customers from previously unattended areas. The use of innovative solutions offered by TECHCODE RFID cabinets (e.g. a self-service system for transferring, collecting, lending and returning goods, etc.) strengthens the competitive advantage and enables the implementation of many tasks previously performed in a traditional way.