S.4 System
TECHCODE RFID systems provide security and support process automation in organizations.

S.4 System

The S.4 system is a TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinet for mutual transfer of resources between Users.

The system assigns the sender of a shipment an appropriate locker, and receipt of the shipment comes down to the identification of the recipient. Once the locker is opened and the shipment is removed, the locker is vacated for further use by subsequent Users.

The following can work in the S.4 System:

Multi-compartment cabinets

Streamline the workflow in your company with cabinets equipped with the S.4 system!

The S.4 system is a state-of-the-art solution for businesses that want to increase productivity. The compartment allows lockers to be easily used by users without assigning them to specific individuals using the TechCode Mobile app.

Cabinets operating in the S.4 system allow the automation of processes related to the transfer of resources, which saves the company time and money.

TechCode RFID cabinet
with the S.4 system

The TECHCODE RFID cabinet operating within the S.4 system allows:

  • rotating use of compartments within companies by defined and undefined users;
  • automation of processes concerning the transmission of various resources within the company (e.g. documents, tools, laptops, parcels), which contributes to the streamlining of operations.
  • the TECHCODE RFID cabinet requires management by the System Administrator.
TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment lockers in the S.4 system provide rotational use of lockers.

System administrator (A)

The Administrator has the authority to manage the System and the cabinets.

He is responsible for entering data, assigning rights, administering the compartments, opening compartments remotely, monitoring the status of the compartments and reporting on faults.

Defined user (U)

In order to add a User to the database, the Administrator can choose how to define the User. To do this, he can use one of two ways:

1. entering the User's Personal Data, such as name and surname.

2. using other data identifying the user, such as the order number, position, department name or room number.

Undefined user (XY)

If a user has not been defined by the System Administrator, but wishes to use the TECHCODE RFID cabinet, they can ask another user for a one-time login. The system will then generate a PIN code which will enable him to use the cabinet.

TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinets in the S.4 system are an excellent solution for libraries, rentals and other public institutions.


and process automation in S.4
with TECHCODE RFID cabinets

System configuration by the Administrator
Data entry by the Administrator
Identification of users by the system
Access authorisation and system control of parcel cabinet operations
Automatic recording of events by the system and data management
System management
by the administrator

The role of the Administrator in System S.4 includes data entry, granting rights to Users and, managing RFID cabinets.

Cabinets with the S.4 system can be managed by accessing the web-based Zasobnik application, which connects to the cabinet via encrypted LAN communication. 

Use of the Parcel cabinet
by users

Use of the Cabinet with the S.4 System by designated Users is possible via the TechCode Mobile application. The Administrator grants an access code allowing full access to all functions of the Parcel cabinet.

The app is an integral part of the S.4. system and available for Android and IOS mobile devices.

User (XY)

Use of the Parcel cabinet by undefined Users is via the touch screen in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet. To gain access, a login assigned by the defined User and a one-time PIN generated by the System are required.

in the S.4 system

The database is stored on a dedicated local server or in the cloud.

Cabinets that can operate in this system

TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinets
Multi-compartment cabinets

These cabinets are also known as the following cabinets:

  • Deposit
  • Breakfast
  • Clean clothing
TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinets in the S.4 system can function as book-stations and self-service stations.
Operation schemes of multi-compartment
TechCode RFID parcel cabinet

Defined user A transmits a parcel to defined user B via the TechCode Mobile app.

of parcel

The system sends a message to user B's device that user A has sent a parcel for him.


Defined user B receives a parcel sent by defined user A using the TechCode Mobile app.

the compartment

Defined user A reserves a compartment using the TechCode Mobile app and sends undefined user XY a login and PIN.


Undefined user XY opens the compartment with login and PIN and places a parcel for defined user A in the compartment.

of parcel

The system sends a message to user A's device that undefined user XY has sent a parcel for him.


The defined user A, using the TechCode Mobile app, receives the parcel from the compartment he has reserved.


Defined user A transmits a parcel to undefined user XY via the TechCode Mobile app.

of parcel

An undefined user XY is given the data needed to open the compartment (login and PIN).


Undefined user XY receives a parcel sent by defined user A using a login and PIN.