Systems applied in the techcode rfid cabinets

TECHCODE RFID cabinets can be operated in different Systems. The type of a TECHCODE RFID cabinet determines the type of a System, which can be applied. The type of the System applied in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet influences:

User’s identification and access authorisation methods

i.e. methods that will be used by the System to authorise access to a cabinet/compartment/drawer e.g. identifying cards, PIN codes, biometric data, etc. 

types of authorisations
that particular users can be granted

e.g. in some Systems, Users can be granted individual authorisations like using a group of compartments, posting parcels, opening all compartments, etc.

How the users will use
the cabinets 

e.g. by means of a reader, tablet with a touch screen provided in the cabinet or mobile application

Cabinet’s functions
and operation modes 

i.e. which functions will be available for the cabinet working in a given System and operation mode e.g. operation in a parcel cabinet mode, reading the items with RFID tags, etc. 

System functions

i.e. which functions can be configured in a given System e.g. creating databases and granting certain authorisations to the Users, keeping Events register, sending push messages to the Users, etc

Methods for the cabinet and system management
by the administrator

i.e. how the Administrator will manage the TECHCODE RFID cabinet and the System, in which it is operated e.g. local or remote management option.    


types of ADDITIONAL ELEMENTS that can be applied in a given System e.g. particular type of readers, controllers, antennas used to read the tags, etc.