System S.1

I. Definitions

System S.1 (S)

S.1 system is understood as all elements required to provide correct operation of the TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinet and to perform all functions available in the System applied in the cabinet. The following cabinets may be operated in the S.1 System:

  • clothing lockers

  • multi-compartment cabinets (1 cabinet can comprise up to 30 compartments)

  • lockers for dirty clothes

  • file cabinets with drawers


TECHCODE RFID cabinet with the S.1 System is operated in autonomous mode, in one mode, in several schemes. The cabinet must be managed by the System Administrator.


TECHCODE RFID cabinet with the S.1 System can be additionally provided with LAN (Ethernet) and can be used as executing element controlled via external software used by the Customer. 

System administrator (A)

Administrator’s duties include managing of the TECHCODE RFID cabinet i.e. cards coding and decoding, assigning cards to particular compartments, as well as current management of the cabinets (e.g. emergency opening of the compartments, taking information about malfunctions, etc.).     

User (XY)

Anyone possessing an identifying card coded by the Administrator can be a User of the TECHCODE RFID cabinet.

S.1 System does not require any User’s data to be entered in the System or any databases to be kept.

Identification and authorisation

In order to be granted access (authorisation) to a compartment in the S.1 System, identification process must be correctly completed. Identification is automatic and consists in reading the User’s identifying card by the reader. Identification and authorisation is completed using:  Mifare cards or EM125kHz cards or HID cards. 


Following correct identification, the System automatically grants access to Authorisations assigned to a given carrier (card).

II. Access control and granting in the S.1 system 

III. Using the cabinet

Coding of identifying cards by the administrator

In order to use the TECHCODE RFID cabinet, Users must possess identifying cards that were earlier coded by the Administrator. Identifying cards can be coded through a reader using a Master card. After the card coding, the Administrator assigns a given compartment to that card.


An identifying card can be coded and decoded numerous times e.g. in order to assign it to different compartment.

Using the cabinet by the users

In order for the User to operate the TECHCODE RFID cabinet, one must only place the identifying card earlier coded by the Administrator against the reader. Following authorisation, the System automatically performs an action assigned to a given card i.e. opens a compartment assigned to it.

Until decoding the identifying card by the Administrator, the User have access to the compartment assigned to the card and can use it numerous times.

Service card

A service card grants access to all compartments (e.g. to clean them or to place items e.g. by personnel providing clean clothes). When the card is placed against the reader, all compartments open consecutively.

The same function of the cabinet can be launched by the Administrator using the administration panel.  

Administrator’s card

Administrator’s card is used for emergency opening of the compartments and eliminates the need to use the administration panel by the Administrator. 

IV. Managing TECHCODE RFID Cabinet in the S.1 SYSTEM

TECHCODE RFID cabinet is managed fully automatically, locally, using user-friendly administration panel placed in the cabinet behind the inspection window. Administration panel allows to:

- code the following cards: Master, Administrator’s, Service

- open a given compartment in an emergency (e.g. when a card is lost by the User)

- open all compartments (consecutively, every 3 seconds)

- check, which compartments have or have no cards assigned 

- decode cards (to re-code them)

- reset default settings of the System.

V. Database

All data concerning the numbers of cards coded in the S.1 System and compartments assigned to them is stored in the memory of the TECHCODE RFID cabinet controller. Neither any database, nor entry of the User’s data is required in the S.1 System.

VI. Operation modes of the TECHCODE RFID cabinet

TECHCODE RFID cabinet with the S.1. System is operated in a single operation Mode, in several schemes:

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