Techcode rfid clothing lockers

TECHCODE RFID clothing lockers include all types of cabinets, where clothes, other garments, bags, briefcases, backpacks, etc. can be deposited and securely stored. The cabinets can be of different sizes and types (e.g. with L-shaped doors) and can be provided with different equipment (e.g. shelves, compartments, hooks).  

When the access is authorised by the System with RFID technology applied in the cabinet, the locker’s door opens by unblocking the electronic lock.  


The cabinets are designed and applied for different purposes and can act as e.g.

- social clothing lockers - usually used in the dressing rooms or cloak rooms in the establishments, office buildings, shopping malls, museums, galleries or exhibition centres. As the Users can operate the said cabinets on their own, there is no need to hire employees responsible for cloakrooms management. Depending on the System with which TECHCODE RFID cabinets are provided, they can control access and allow using the cabinets in turns, e.g. in the shift work scheme.  

- swimming pool lockers - they are used not only at the swimming pools, but also in the fitness clubs, gyms, as well as other sport and recreational facilities. TECHCODE RFID clothing lockers can be opened by means of identifying cards, pendants, bands or PIN code. In some Systems a cabinet can be also permanently assigned to a single User or to a few Users (e.g. from the VIP group).

- school lockers - are used not only in modern schools and higher education institutions, but also in the libraries, common rooms, or cultural centres.  More and more often they are decorated with UV prints showing different patterns, thanks to which they have become elegant interior elements.

Remote access management solutions applied in the TECHCODE RFID cabinets leave traditional cabinets with conventional keys absolutely behind. There is no problem when one loses an identifier or forgets PIN code, and emergency opening of the cabinet by the System Administrator is no trouble either. 


RFID technology applied in the TECHCODE RFID cabinets allows to manage the Users’ authorisations in a flexible manner, provides constant management and control as to who, when and to which extent can use the cabinets (e.g. by granting temporary access to particular compartments).


The cabinets constitute perfect solution for enterprises where HACCP system have already been implemented and where employees must not bring metal elements, like keys, in the production floor area, still where RFID cards are permissible.


User-friendly operation, remote management of the Users’ authorisations, permanent control and access to data registered by the cabinet, make only some of the TECHCODE RFID cabinets’ advantages.


Learn some other advantages your company can gain using the TECHCODE RFID clothing lockers:


TECHCODE RFID clothing lockers can be operated in three Systems. Depending on the System selected for a cabinet, its functionalities are different:

User-friendly operation and management reduced to minimum

Assigning personalised authorisations and creating groups of Users

A few operation schemes, plenty of options

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