Clothing lockers
TECHCODE RFID systems provide security and support process automation in organizations.



TECHCODE RFID wardrobe cabinets include all kinds of lockers enabling storage and safe keeping of clothes, other elements of the user's wardrobe as well as bags, briefcases, backpacks, etc. These cabinets can be made in various sizes and types (e.g. cabinets with L-type doors) and with various equipment (e.g. shelves, partitions, hooks).

The door is opened by releasing the electric lock, after access authorisation is obtained, controlled by the RFID system used in the cabinet.

TECHCODE RFID smart clothing cabinets provide the ultimate in security and convenience.
TECHCODE RFID smart clothing cabinets fit any interior.
TECHCODE RFID smart clothing cabinets are the best equipment for any locker room.

Example of application of TECHCODE RFID clothing cabinets:

  • Health and safety clothing cabinets - these are usually fitted in dressing rooms and changing rooms in workplaces, offices, shopping centres, museums, galleries or exhibition halls.

The TECHCODE RFID system installed in these cabinets enables self-service, eliminating the need for staff to manage the locker room. Depending on the type of TECHCODE RFID system, the cabinets can control access, allowing the lockers to be used on a rotational basis, especially in shift work.

  • Pool lockers - used not only in swimming pools, but also in fitness clubs, gyms and other sports and leisure centres. 

TECHCODE RFID clothing cabinets can be opened using ID cards or other devices such as key fobs, wristbands or PIN codes. Some systems also allow the locker to be permanently assigned to one or more users (e.g. a VIP group).

  • School lockers - found not only in today's schools and colleges, but also in libraries or community centres. 

They are increasingly decorated with UV prints in any motif, becoming an elegant addition to interior design.

TECHCODE RFID smart clothing cabinets are available in many layouts and a wide range of colors.

RFID technology

The ability to manage access to TECHCODE RFID cabinets remotely, in real time, is a significant advantage of this furniture over traditional key-opened cabinets. Thanks to this, losing an ID fob or forgetting a PIN code is not a problem or an obstacle to the emergency opening of the cabinet by the System Administrator.

The RFID technology used in TECHCODE RFID cabinets enables flexible management of User rights, ensures constant administration of the cabinets and control over who, when and to what extent can use them (e.g. by granting temporary access to individual compartments).

They are best suited to companies with a HACCP system in place, which prohibits metal items, including keys, from being brought into the production area, but allows RFID cards to be brought in.

Simple operation, possibility of remote management of user rights, constant control and access to data recorded by the cabinet are just some of the advantages of TECHCODE RFID cabinets.

See what other benefits the use of TECHCODE RFID clothing cabinets brings to your company: Clothing cabinets can operate in three Systems. The choice of System determines the functions performed by these cabinets.

S.1 system

Simple operation and minimum management

S.1 System

S.2.1 system

Granting personalised rights and creating user groups

S.2.1 System

S.2.2 system

Many cabinet working patterns, lots of possibilities

S.2.2 System