File cabinets
TECHCODE RFID systems provide security and support process automation in organizations.



Filing cabinets are designed to securely store and control access to documents, files, exhibits, maps, drawings, sketches and other materials in shapes suitable for storage in drawers.

TECHCODE RFID files are manufactured in any size and in various drawer configurations. They equip museums, archives, architectural offices, theatres, art galleries, jewellery stores, but also offices and companies.

TECHCODE RFID smart files cabinets are the perfect solution for storing standardized documents.
TECHCODE RFID smart file cabinets will make a good match in any modern office.
TECHCODE RFID smart file cabinets fit perfectly into the Internet of Things (IoT) trend.

Advantages of TECHCODE RFID metal cabinets:

  • Simple operation: Easy to handle and quick access to stored items.
  • Possibility of remote management of user rights: Thanks to RFID technology, TECHCODE cabinets allow flexible management of user rights, also remotely by the administrator.
  • Permanent control: Permanent control over who can use them, when and to what extent.
  • Access to the data recorded by the cabinet: Recording of information on pick-ups and returns of items, which facilitates the management and integration of supply chains and the rapid circulation of resources.
  • High quality workmanship: Made from high-quality materials, which guarantees their durability and resistance to damage.
  • Multifunctionality: Use in various industries and sectors such as industry, health, education, tourism, etc.
  • Time saving: The ability to save time that users would normally spend searching for and retrieving the items they need.
  • Security: Secure storage of items, which is particularly important for valuable or confidential documents.
  • Ease of installation: Simple installation requiring no specialist knowledge or tools.

S.1 system

Simple operation and minimum management

S.1 System

S.2.1 system

Granting personalised rights and creating user groups

S.2.1 System

S.2.2 system

Many cabinet working patterns, lots of possibilities

S.2.2 System

system S.3

Access control, tag reading and event logging

S.3 System