Multi-compartment cabinets
TECHCODE RFID systems provide security and support process automation in organizations.



TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinets include all types of cabinets with compartments. These cabinets can be made in various dimensions, and their modular design allows various size compartments to be configured in a single cabinet.

The compartment door is opened by releasing the electric lock, after access authorisation is obtained, controlled by the RFID system used in the cabinet.

TECHCODE RFID smart multi-compartment cabinets are used where security and convenience of access come first.
TECHCODE RFID smart multi-compartment cabinets can be combined in sets of up to 512 boxes.
TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinets provide maximum convenience with utmost security of stored items.

Example of application of TECHCODE RFID multi-compartment cabinets :

  • Deposit cabinets: Enable secure storage of items in public spaces, companies and other locations such as hotels, offices, clinics, schools, locker rooms, shops, sports centres, production halls, railway stations and airports. Depending on the system used, TECHCODE RFID cabinets can also be used to allocate resources, transfer deposits between different users or book a specific compartment.

  • Clean clothing cabinets: They are typically used by outsourcing companies that provide work and protective clothing for employees of production and service companies. They are mainly equipped in workplaces, healthcare facilities, laboratories, assembly lines, food processing plants and other institutions that provide workwear to their employees. TECHCODE RFID cabinets provide automatic inventory management, facilitate supply chain management and allow rapid stock rotation. The continuous recording of information, such as the issue and return of garments, ensures better coordination of supply planning and garment replacement.
  • Breakfast cabinets: are used in canteens, buffets, dining rooms and other areas where meals are eaten. TECHCODE RFID cabinets allow individual user rights for cabinet access, scheduling and adaptation to changing user needs.
TECHCODE RFID smart multi-compartment cabinets come in a variety of designs to suit numerous applications.

RFID technology

The use of RFID technology in TECHCODE cabinets provides flexible management of user rights, which in this case can be managed by the administrator. Depending on the system used, TECHCODE RFID cabinets can operate autonomously or in a network, providing greater functionality. Thanks to their constant administration and control, the cabinets in the system make it possible to control who can use them, when and to what extent, and even to grant temporary access to individual compartments.

RFID is best suited to companies with a HACCP system in place, which prohibits metal items, including keys, from being brought into the production area, but allows RFID cards to be brought in.

Simple operation, possibility of remote management of user rights, constant control and access to data recorded by the cabinet are just some of the advantages of TECHCODE RFID cabinets.

S.1 system

Simple operation and minimum management

S.1 System

S.2.1 system

Granting personalised rights and creating user groups

S.2.1 System

S.2.2 system

Many cabinet working patterns, lots of possibilities

S.2.2 System

S.4 system

Parcel cabinet, which means send, book, transfer, collect

S.4 System