Key cabinets
TECHCODE RFID systems provide security and support process automation in organizations.



The TECHCODE RFID key cabinet is designed for storing keys, documents (e.g. registration certificates, identity cards, etc.) and other small items requiring secure storage. It is an equipment for secretariats, hotel receptions, dispensaries, showrooms, service shops or car rental companies.

The cabinet door is opened by releasing the electric lock, after access authorisation is obtained, controlled by the RFID system used in the cabinet.

TECHCODE RFID key cabinets can be equipped with the S.3 System that automatically reads the tags assigned to the stored assets.
TECHCODE RFID key cabinets are excellent for car rentals and dealerships.
TECHCODE RFID key depositories can be indispensable equipment for hotel front desks.

Depending on the System used in the cabinet, in addition to controlling access and granting authorisation, TECHCODE RFID key cabinets can:

  • Automatic recording of user activity, such as logging in and opening lockers.

  • Reading and recording information about retrievals and returns of resources held in the depository, marked with special tags..

The System Administrator has remote access to manage the depositories, allowing individual user rights to be assigned, such as temporary use or blocking access. All collected data is available in real time and can be used to generate reports for analysis.

RFID technology

flexible management

Depending on the system used, TECHCODE RFID cabinets can operate autonomously or in a network, allowing them to perform a variety of functions. Because the cabinets are integrated into the system, they provide continuous administration and control over who can use them, when and to what extent. Temporary access to individual compartments can also be granted.

TECHCODE RFID depositories can be used not only to store keys, but also other small-sized items.
TECHCODE RFID depositories allow 24/7 non-interfering surveillance of stored assets.

S.2.1 system

Granting personalised rights and creating user groups

S.2.1 System

system S.3

Access control, tag reading and event logging

S.3 System
TECHCODE RFID key depositories are excellent for medical facilities and other public institutions.