Drop box cabinets
TECHCODE RFID systems provide security and support process automation in organizations.

Drop box


TECHCODE RFID cabinets with a drop box, are used for the collection of all used assets (e.g. clothing, protective gloves, footwear, tablecloths, towels, container carpets, etc.), suitable for washing, replacement, restocking, repair or to be discarded.

Dirty clothes cabinets are most often used by outsourcing companies, e.g. laundries, servicing and supplying factories with workwear and other assortments. Their main users, on the other hand, are production plants, hotels, restaurants, banks, airports, medical facilities and other companies wishing to control and have direct control over the flow of resources.

TECHCODE RFID smart drop-box cabinets in the S.3 System offer automated tracking of returned assets.
TECHCODE RFID smart cabinets for dirty clothes can be combined in sets for various purposes.
TECHCODE RFID dirty clothes cabinets:

Capabilities of the TECHCODE RFID dirty clothes cabinets:

  • Controlling and authorising access to the locker by the system, which in turn leads to more efficient results in selecting the resources thrown into the cabinet. The locker is opened by releasing the electro-lock after access authorisation has been obtained, which is controlled by the RFID system in the locker.


  • Reading the RFID tags used to mark items thrown into the cupboard and automatically recording information about the assets thrown into the cabinet (by whom, what asset and when it was thrown in).

Registering returns of used Resources:

  • It is an important element in controlling the circulation of resources
  • Facilitates planning the supply of new resources
  • Facilitates the organisation of the collection of used resources and their replacement with new ones
  • It provides reliable, error-free data to facilitate billing with consumable service providers.
TECHCODE RFID smart drop-in cabinets are perfect for automotive workshops and repair facilities.

RFID technology

The data collected by the system is a reliable source of information that allows reports to be created and data to be analysed. For example, they can be used to monitor the rate of consumption of resources or the frequency of replacement of individual components. In this way, resource management processes can easily be improved, for example by optimising stock levels and reducing costs.

This furniture can work in a common System together with multi-compartment cabinets designed for the transfer of clean clothes. This provides a helpful tool for collecting information and managing the processes involved in providing employees with workwear, for example.

The data collected by the System can contribute to the improvement of the activities undertaken by the company, as well as the development of the necessary organisational schemes to save the time needed for certain activities by employees.

The software used in TECHCODE RFID cabinets can be integrated with other systems used in companies, which additionally facilitates control and optimisation of business processes and improves the billing process between companies. 

Simple operation, the possibility of remote management, constant control and access to the data recorded by the cabinet are just some of the advantages of TECHCODE RFID cabinets.

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