Office and tool cabinets
TECHCODE RFID systems provide security and support process automation in organizations.

Office and tool


TECHCODE RFID file and tool cabinets are characterised by their spaciousness. At the same time, resources of various sizes and purposes (e.g. documents, tools and power tools, electronic components, medicines, etc.) can be stored and freely arranged in them. This versatility means that they can be used as quasi-warehouses.

Opening the cabinet door is extremely easy - simply release the electric lock, which is controlled by a system using RFID technology. This ensures that only authorised people have access to the items stored inside.

TECHCODE RFID smart office and tools cabinets provide the ultimate in security and convenience.
TECHCODE RFID smart office and tool cabinets are a breakthrough solution for service and maintenance departments.
TECHCODE RFID office and tool cabinets are perfect for automotive, aviation or railroad workshops.

The functions of the TECHCODE RFID cabinet include much more than just access control. The cabinet provides a complete record of the activities associated with the assets registered in the system, paving the way for many benefits:

  • Process Automation: Recording of rentals, returns, control of resource consumption and time of use are processes that the TECHCODE RFID cabinet automates. This translates into saving time and minimising human error.

  • Real-Time Control: Providing real-time control of what is happening with resources enables rapid response and effective management.

  • Easy Resource Management: The cabinet facilitates the effective management of resources, increasing productivity. It allows you to quickly find and locate the items you need.
  • Improving Process Organisation: Helps in planning deliveries, arranging maintenance, ordering repairs, resulting in better organisation of the various asset management processes.

  • Resource Circulation and Work Productivity: By quickly finding and locating resources, the TECHCODE RFID cabinet facilitates resource circulation, helping to increase overall productivity.
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RFID technology

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Smart TECHCODE cabinets in the S.3 system recognise the items placed in it. Take a look at the video introducing our flagship product.

Thanks to the recording and collection of RFID tag data by the TECHCODE cabinet, it is possible to generate summaries and reports for analysis.


These cabinets offer simple operation, remote management, constant control and access to recorded data.

And that's not all the possibilities! TECHCODE RFID file and tool cabinets can operate in both S.3 and S.2.1 systems, allowing you to use them in multiple modes of operation to suit your organisation's needs.

S.2.1 system

Granting personalised rights and creating user groups

S.1 System

system S.3

Access control, tag reading and event logging

S.3 System
TECHCODE RFID file and tool cabinets are perfect for all kinds of repair and installation facilities.