Techcode rfid key cabinets

TECHCODE RFID key cabinet is used to store keys, documents (e.g. vehicle registration books, identity documents etc.) as well as other small items which need to be stored in a secure manner. It used in secretaries, hotel reception desks, dispatch rooms, showrooms, automotive repair shops, or car rent companies.

When the access is authorised by the System with RFID technology applied in the cabinet, the key cabinet’s door opens by unblocking the electronic lock. 


Depending on the System with which a key cabinet is provided, apart from access control and authorisation granting, TECHCODE RFID key cabinets can:

- keep automatic registers concerning the actions performed by the Users (logging, opening of a cabinet, etc.).

- read and register information on the events related with the tagged Resources stored in the key cabinet (collections and returns).

The System Administrator can remotely manage key cabinets, grant individual authorisations to their Users e.g. to temporarily use the key cabinet or block access to the cabinet. All data registered and collected by the TECHCODE RFID key cabinet is available in real time, and can constitute basis to draw up necessary sheets and reports used in different analyses.

User-friendly operation, remote management, permanent control and access to data registered by the cabinet, make only some of the TECHCODE RFID cabinets’ advantages.


Learn some other advantages your company can gain using the TECHCODE RFID key cabinet:


TECHCODE RFID key cabinets can be operated in two Systems.

Access control and registration of events

Access control, tags reading and registration of events

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